Presentation at UN COP 27 and Falling Walls Berlin 

Billions of tonnes of CO2 emissions are released into the environment every year leading to global warming and air pollution. However, if captured and recycled CO2 can be used as a raw feed to make C1-C2 industrial precursors. This has created a new circular opportunity that helps large companies produce sustainable products while reducing their CO2 impact. 

I led the carbon capture cell design and validation by organizing a small team of electro-chemical engineers (from the University of Birmingham, Manipal University, Fabmat Jaipur, and MIT) and industrial designers to help design a tabletop reactor that turns CO2 emissions from the air into ethanol, methanol, and ethylene industrial precursors. 

Goal: To be able to utilize CO2 emissions at room temperature pressure conditions to make 3D printing material, polymers, and Ethanol, on a <200$ catalyst and reactor BOM.

The modular design is currently being developed in collaboration with Open Air collective 

Follow our progress on the Discord group here.

Forbes article on collaboration with our work

Tabletop Reactor