AIR-INK: Printing with captured carbon

According to WHO, 5-6 million people die every year as a result of exposure (direct and/or indirect) to air pollution. Much of these emissions come from fossil fuels; when fossil fuels burn, they produce carbon-rich atmospheric particles (also known as PM2.5) that pollute the air and cause climate change. The global warming potential of carbon PM is 460 times higher than CO2. AIR-INK is made a proprietary process that utilizes a filter-less media to capture PM2.5 carbon emissions, treat them for impurities, and turns them into industrial pigments, ink, and composite materials. I led the technical development and engineering. This work went through joint-development pilots at multiple locations with top international corporations such as Kering Group, DELL, Pangaia, Mastercard, and Diageo Group, featured at World Economic Forum, UN Environment as a case-study.

It addresses two problems related to air pollution and the circular economy: 

Firstly, it prevents the release of carbon emissions/PM2.5/particulate matter and air pollutants into air; Secondly, (hence) it replaces carbon black in the ink-making process, thereby aiding the printing industry in reducing its dependence on fossil fuels.

We designed a filterless capture technology, and treatment process to harvest and utilize carbon emissions. 

Winner: MIT SOLVE 2020, Shell- Make The Future Grant, General Motors Circular Economy Grant 2020, Finalist- Masschallenge 2019

Doconomy is the world’s first credit card with a CO2 cap on spending

Kaalink early prototype for vehicular capture

Kaalink DG set prototype for capturing PM2.5 from stacks

Collaboration with Carbon Tile

Credit: Tejas Sidnal, Giriprasad K. Carbon Craft Design utilizes one tonne of black carbon particles removed from the atmosphere in 2020. The team also employs local artisans from other parts of India to use a traditional handcrafted technique to make cement tiles instead of the conventional vitrified tiles that involve large energy consumption during manufacturing and polishing. 

Image credits: Carbon Craft Tiles

Industrial Pilots for Flexographic and Surface Printing
with Diageo International

Diageo launched a line of Jhonnie Walkers in 6 international markets
AIR-INK transfered to bottles via Diageo's manufacturing

DELL Packaging Pilot and Case-study

Print pilots with DELL and case-study