[Work in progress]

Recently I visited a commercial doctor chain in India for a small medic diagnose. I was given a small plastic bottle to pee into and return back for a diagnose on a later date. During my exit at the payment counter, around five more people had similar bottles. That’s where it all began.

Jaideep, victim to the previous shoe hack and I began some research back home about what could be done to ease an interface about using urine content data and health reporting. This below statement was inspiring to us:

Most signs of an impending human ailment can be detected from urine.

A human transacts with a toilet almost daily, what else could be a better place than that to integrate Urineanalysis kit within there. We started with an Alcohol analysis kit with contexual intelligent thought provocative messages presented to the user in realtime. Human urine is also analyzed based on its chemical and molecular properties or microscopic assessment. Urinalysis is also a very useful test that may be ordered by your physician for particular reasons. Urinalysis is commonly used to diagnose a urinary tract or kidney infection, to evaluate causes of kidney failure, to screen for progression of some chronic conditions such as diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure (hypertension).


I am currently working with Jaideep on prototyping a simple application based on the above concept. Initially trying to work with alcohol sensor. We plan to extend the system by glucose, sugar, salinity monitoring and doing a recommendation engine based on that.

Messages we plan to parse will be of type.

[stextbox id=”alert”] String “You have VAR_X content, which is (High/Low). Generic_MSG+ Recommendation”[/stextbox]


[stextbox id=”warning”]” You have High alcohol content right now, Dont drink and drive! Consume lots of water/juices tomorrow” [/stextbox]