BallShooter- Tangible Space Invaders

What if the classic Space Invaders designed by Tomohiro Nishikado, could be played collaboratively with objects. The throw expression showing the gut feeling of shooting down aliens by tangibles.

The project explores how kids could be indulged into a collaborative activity using a fun tangible game. We demoed it at the fest.The game is written AS3. A group of children use softballs and throw them on the screen so as to kill the space invaders. In a way we wanted to re-live the 80’s experience of play the good old Space Invaders on ATARIS.┬áTeam Sparsh demoed a 100″ wall at IIT Bombay Techfest 2011.

The same is a clever implementation of LLP technique, the game was developed in house and got eye candy treatment at the festival.

Thanks to Rahul(Team Sparsh), Rajdeep, Deepak, Dhaumya, Sachin & Jyotirmoy.
Special thanks to Konark, Asutosh, Aman Xaxa.

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