Large format multitouch displays

Through the IIT Delhi and Google Summer of Code 2009 program I initiated exploration of both the hardware, form, and interface side of multitouch gestural interfaces. 


We utilize LLP, to build a large projection and gesture-tracking interface. Infrared light from single or multiple lasers shine just above the surface. The laser plane of light is about 1mm thick and positioned as close to the touch surface as possible. 

An IR pen, finger, or object hits the light plane, the blobs are seen by an infrared camera below the surface initiating a TUIO event. The TUIO events on server-side are understood by several interactive applications. Gestures are parsed and events are interpreted in openFrameworks, or Flash AS3. 

Explored various hardware modifications, scales, gestures, and interactions with object tracking, fiducials markers, and application use-cases. My Github

See-through transparent displays and interaction. Developed at MIT Media Lab, ( prism-based projection screen) at MIT Media Lab. with my UROP Meghana Bhat.

Developed during internship at IIT-Delhi for Design Degree Show 2009

Space Invaders in the physical world. In team with Rahul Motiyar, Rajdeep, and Aman, IIT Bombay.

Backlight removed Transparent LCD Leap-motion tracking