Stethoscope to heartbeat monitoring

    I’ve been toying around with the idea of heartbeat monitoring and the possibilities it has.

    Hence, I modified an old stethoscope, interfaced it to a Microphone, and used a line-in input to machine. Presently I am trying to get a realtime visual interpretation of whats beating inside our bodies. Maybe this could be extended to cloud where real-time analysis is possible.

    Presently electronic stethoscopes cost anywhere between 200-400$ and are limited by their functionality(as they just display a graph/bpm).

    The aim is to create an interface between our bodies and visual/network power of computers.

    [idea] What if music devices could change genres based on our heart-rate. A soothing song to relax us when the heart beats faster.[/idea]

    DIY instructions coming soon, if you’re interested in collaborating, ping me up!