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Anirudh likes to think of awesome ideas, and build them as well. He’s a self-learnt designer, carpenter, USB sniffner. He also has a thing for magic and mathematical illusions. Why magic? He also believes that the process of inventing is process-less- we could be inspired by a dream, illusion, science fiction, story, chaos, or empathy. And, technology and design tools are the brick and mortar to build those ‘dreams’.


I am a Research Assistant at the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology advised by Prof. Pattie Maes. My present area of academic research is ‘ Augmented Reality/2D/3D augmentation using transparent displays’. [1][2][3]. I am very interested in contributing to next sci-fi interface that breaks the barrier of regular and monotonous keyboard and mouse.


I co-founded Ducere in 2011 to make assistive wearable haptic shoes for the visually impaired. Ducere means ‘to lead’ in latin. And  got MIT TR35 ‘Innovator of the year’ award for the same. LECHAL is a product now.

Some of my research papers are accessible on portfolio page(CHI, SIGGRAPH ASIA, ICMI, UIST).

I am also awed by what FOSS and hacker culture has been capable of doing to the world in the last decade.It has paved a way so that many can participate, into research, into building their ideas, realizing dreams, and most importantly building a better world around us. I am one of those benefited people.

My roots are in Rajasthan and Delhi. My father retired as Professor of English from University of Delhi, raised in a family of farmers in a small village in Mathura, UP. My environment naturally taught me to tinker, adopt new ideas, and build stuff.

I appreciate the FOSS/tinkering spirit. i’ve talked/worked on some hands-on confs/workshops (INKTalks, TEDxGoa, WeSchool, COEP Pune ML, Apeejay Stya MIT workshop,, rajasfoss, fossgn09). Consequently, in 2009(in our third year) my friends and me started a LinuxUserGroup in Rajasthan. Today LUGB is a fairly active FOSS group in North India working with several regional communities to support OLPC, cheers to all who’ve been taking it forward.

I am open to collaboration with new ideas if they’ve anything to do with keywords like (wearable, scifi, inventive, assistive, interactive, open-source, sensorial, haptic, multimodal). Feel free to ping me on the contact page.

If you happen to like the tabla, or have some inputs about herpetology, I would want to talk to you!

I hangout on #freenode, IRC with nickname: touchaddict

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