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Anirudh likes to think of awesome ideas, and build them as well. He’s a self-learnt designer, programmer and a wannabe tabla player. He is very interested in applying technology that makes people look good, become more connected with the reality in the present world of ever-rising device entropy and network complexity. My means of approach are wearable computing, augmented reality, stereoscopic interfaces, and machine learning.

Anirudh Sharma MIT


Anirudh co-heads the MIT Media Lab India Initiative, where he works on creating innovation ecosystem in India. The initiative focuses on anti-displinary research trying to bring the best of scientists, engineers, designers, artists on the same platform and hence invent and innovate across disciplines. Here’s a fun video of the workshop we did in Jan 2014.

He is a graduate from the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Anirudh worked on ‘Augmented Reality/2D/3D using transparent OLED displays’. [1][2][3].

Before MIT, Anirudh co-founded Ducere Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2011 to make wearable products, e.g. LECHAL, electronic shoes for the visually impaired, which evolved as a fashion product. Ducere means ‘to lead’ in latin.

After 3.5 years in Rajasthan, Anirudh moved to work at Imagin Group, at Hewlett Packard Labs, where he worked on an open-source speech and touch based CAD interface for large form factor displays. The prototype is a permanent installation at HP Innovation Center at Zurich and Dubai.

Anirudh is also awed by how open source and hacker culture has been capable of doing to the world in the last decade. It has paved a way so that many can participate, into research, into building their ideas, realizing dreams, and most importantly building a better world around us. He is one of those benefited people.

He’s open to collaborate and consult with practitioners and industries alike- if they’ve anything to do with keywords like (wearable, scifi, inventive, assistive, interactive, open-source, sensorial, haptic, multimodal).

“If you happen to like the tabla, or have some inputs about herpetology, I would want to talk to you!”

Anirudh is found on #freenode, IRC with nickname: touchaddict


  • INK Fellow 2013
  • Fashion Wear Design FastCo. Fellow
  • MIT TR35 ‘ India-Innovator of the Year’ 2011
  • ‘Top Achievement Award’ by Industrial Design Center IIT Delhi Design Degree Show
  • 2011 Google Summer of Code 2009 and 2010 scholarship to work with NUIGroup and Mozilla
  • 1st Prize for Team Sparsh at BITS Pilani for prototype based on Multitouch System
  • 1st Prize at International Open Hardware competition at IIT Kanpur for Multitouch System
  • ‘Best Outsider Team’ at ‘Capture the flag-Reverse Engineering’ at Quark 2008, BITS Pilani
  • Received Spic Macay Gurkul Scholarship 2006 to travel rural Rajasthan with Aruna Roy and participate in Social movement related to Right to Information (RTI) Act.


  • IIT Bombay, E-Summit 2014
  • INK Conference, Kochi 2014
  • 2011 TEDxGoa, Goa
  • Aspen Ideas Festival 2013, Aspen, Colorado
  • Board of Cricket Control in India(BCCI) 2012. ‘Simple embodied sensors to track sportsmen’
  • 2012 ‘3D User Interfaces & Technologies’ at National Institute of Design campus, Bangalore.
  • ‘Bits, the eyes and the senses’ at 2010- Organized Prototyping session (45 members)
  • ‘Tangible UI and Multitouch’ at RajasFOSS 2010 ‘Minimalist HCI Interfaces’ at FOSSGN09
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