Fluid in-fluid

‘Fluid in-fluid’ explores the mingling of liquid colours into water and tries to capture the mixture into an interactive light-form.  We wanted to develop a computer-less/tangible form for the same(though computers were used for the prototype). The prototype was demo-ed at a non-profit exhibit in Bangalore.

Water is the base, transparent as PNG’s background. Colors mix according to Munsell color theory and visualize in form of artificially connected lights

The work can be replicated by:

  • Using RGB lights
  • Arduino
  • RGB Camera mounted below the table.
  • Using Munsell color library in VVVV/Processing.
  • The precision of mixing can be improved by using a Point-Grey camera.

So if you come up with a version of yours using the above idea. Do pingback!

Credits: Sarthak for the video, Tabla(SoundCloud)