object based storytelling system

    With Rahul Motiyar, Aparajita Choudhary

    Puppetrix is an educational tool designed for schools to enable kids to play, learn and experiment with different set of toys / objects using animation. It aims to use the physicality of a toy and the animated outcome to bridge the gap between abstract concepts of kids imaginative narratives and reality.

    Its is a tangible medium to create stories out of imagination. Intended for children, who’re naturally adept at using objects to tell stories. ‘We all grew up playing with GI-Joe and Spiderman toys’

    We use the spatial orientation of the toys to modify properties related to it. A tangible depicting sun, would insert sunlight into the system, and rotating the sun would change factors like brightness/time of the day etc.


    I think the ability of children to make play out of anything and everything is fascinating. Not only it is a process of narration but also plays a role in shaping child’s understanding and triggering his/her curiosity about the world around him/her.

    Contextual study was made on media to gauge the impact of television, video games and internet on the routine of middle class family children. Through out the project my main interest remained the Indian middle-class family which is amongst the largest and the fastest growing socio-economic groups by both numbers and percentage.

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