FoldyTouch: Affordable Gestural Hardware Addon

    Almost all gesture based installations are bulky, expensive and difficult to carry around. Even the locally available multitouch overlays cost a lot! During 2007 when there were no Kinects/iPhones this turned out to be poor-man’s-DIY-gesture setup.













    We started this project with the aim to design a low cost multitouch overlay that could fit almost all computer displays. We home-brewed an IR sensor using TSOP1738 and later a modified a SonyPS3 camera to handle the sensing. Most of it is based on LLP Technique.

    FoldyTouch is a foldable, low-cost, pocketable design for a gesture sensing system that could be fit onto a regular monitor/laptop and  fold and sit into your bag. The system worked fine with TUIO/OSC based applications. Within minutes of installation Windows7, Ubuntu could be controlled via nesher’s MultitouchVista wrapper.

    The opening arm contains an IR sensor with the base plate having a 120 degree infrared laser beam covering the surface, the frame is made from balsa wood which is strong and lightweight. Approximate cost of the TSOP prototype components turned out to be INR 300/6 USD (slow FPS). The camera prototype cost was INR 700/ 14USD (fast FPS and tracking)

    [idea]An instructable of DIY schematics, instructions is now online.[/idea]