Chalkaat: Augmented Reality Laser-cutting

Present day laser cutting tools allow users to do subtractive manipulation of material, hence democratizing manufacturing. However, we felt that the methods to manipulate such machines aren’t yet evolved enough.  Hence we present, a pen stroke based UI for interacting with laser cutters, where the users can express themselves more directly by working directly ‘ on the workpiece’. Different colored markers allow different commands to be executed. We built a laser cutter from ground up, with computer vision and mechanics to optimize for the interface. In team with: Nitesh Kadyan, Meghana Bhat, Fabio Besti


Kaala- Printer contraption that runs on soot from pollution for updates Black printing ink is one of the most consumed products in the industry. Most of this printing ink is produced in factories with complex chemical procedures. Companies like HP/Canon make 70 percent of their profits by selling these cartridges at 400% margin. This is not an attempt to win over the pollution. Just a minor itch that led me to build something cool from observations arising from nostalgia of the days back in India. There’s so much soot/pollution around us, esp. in crowded cities. What if the same could be repurposed to generate ink for printers? Rubbing…


LECHAL: haptic feedback based navigation shoe (for the blind)

I started Lechal as a DIY project in 2010. After 5 years Le-chal has evolved as a full-fledged lifestyle product now. Lechal was started in 2010 with a simple sketch and an Arduino lilypad prototype. This made me quit my job at HP Labs, which HP mentioned. After 6 months of initial demos, Krispian and I decided to pursue Lechal further as a product 🙂 We were introduced to each other magically by a visually impaired person. Lechal was started as a navigation aid for the visually impaired. At present people with limited or no vision depend either on walking canes, which help…